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Discover Your Potential, Move Your Mind, Grow Your Being

Welcome to Us Move Learn Grow—a space dedicated to your transformation. Discover how simple body movements heal emotional wounds, reshape behaviours, and nurture personal growth. Join your educational journey for personal development and thrive.

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Welcome to Us Move Learn Grow, where transformation finds its path through movement and self-discovery. I'm Maria Karakostanoglou, a specialised kinesiologist and facilitator of Brain Gym®, Educational Kinesiology, and Core Energetics— modalities crafted to foster profound growth through the mind-body connection.


Highlighted Services

Personalised Transformation. Experience tailored sessions focusing solely on your needs and goals.

1:1 Sessions

Interactive Learning. Engage in dynamic sessions that blend theory with practical exercises.


Shared Support System. Engage in collaborative sessions, leveraging group dynamics for collective growth.

Group Classes

Advanced Techniques. We equip professionals with specialized tools and techniques in Brain Gym® and Kinesiology.

Training for Pros

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Digital Course 


Connect with Us Move Learn Grow. We're here to support your transformative path. 

Interested in Learning More?

An online course on Teachable specialising in the transformative power of reflexes in unlocking healing potential.

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