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5 Reflexes for Mental Health® - An experimental approach


An online course on Teachable specialising in the transformative power of reflexes in unlocking healing potential.



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Whether you are a body psychotherapist, a talk therapist, a psychiatrist, a doctor that is regularly called to share challenging news with their patient, an HR consultant, a psychologist or in any capacity in touch with people, this course is for you!

Who is it for

Step into this pioneering work of how 5 primitive reflexes (Fear Paralysis, Moro, Parachute, Bonding and Pavlov’s Orientation) influence our basic character structures as defined by Reich, Pierrakos, Lowen and Marcher. The emphasis is placed on our first character defence: the schizoid character structure. Our course navigates the profound effect these reflexes have on our felt sense and perception of safety and set the tone for the lens through which we view life.

Course Overview

Baby's Grasp

Did you know that it takes 3-4 years for primitive and postural reflexes to mature and integrate within the central nervous system? These reflexes play a pivotal role in grounding individuals within their bodies and significantly impact higher brain functions.

Understanding Reflexes and Mental Health

Why Enroll in This Course?

Learn how reflex integration influences behavior and mental well-being.

Gain practical insights into reflexes' impact on grounding and consciousness.

Understand the correlation between reflexes and the development of character defenses.

Acquire tools to help individuals break free from reactive patterns and achieve mental resilience


Enroll now to explore the profound connection between reflexes and mental health, empowering yourself to make a lasting impact on the well-being of those you serve.

Join Us Today and Unlock the Healing Potential of Reflex Integration!

Our program focuses on specific reflexes that directly influence an individual's grounding ability and affect the development of the Schizoid character defence. By enhancing reflex awareness, we bridge the gap between physiological responses and consciousness, offering a pathway to holistic healing.

Course Focus

Unresolved reflex integration can trigger default survival mechanisms, overriding conscious awareness and leading to repetitive reactive patterns. This course offers insight into these reflexes' significance in shaping our perception of life and how their integration can lead to profound shifts in consciousness.

The Power of Reflex Integration

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